Price changes

We have no tour since the end of 2020 due to CORONA Virus. So we have not updated prices since then. Due to current price rise of fuel, etc., tour prices may have changed. We will confirm every time we are contacted by customers.

Contact us at least 2 weeks before your tour

Please contact us at least 2 weeks before the scheduled date of your tour. Otherwise, it is not possible to make necessary arrangement for your tour. If you plan a trip to Japan in high seasons (December-January, late March-early April, late April-early May), please contact us at least ONE MONTH before, or preferably TWO MONTHS before the tour date. The number of cars and drivers is very limited.

Shirakawago light-up event 2022

On the days of Shirakawago light-up events, only registered cars are allowed to have access to the area on the days of events. So we are not going to offer private light-up tours in 2022 . Some bus companies offer light-up tours, but information in English may not be available. Please (see here).

Shirakawago and Gokayama tours from Takayama, visit Suganuma or Ainokura Villages

AinokuraMany visitors to Takayama do a tour to Shirakawago. However, many of them miss another treasure, Gokayama. It takes time from Takayama. Many people may think "Oh, Gokayama is just a small version of Shirakawago". Gokayama is preserving their own culture and lifestyle more, while Shirakawago has been developed touristically somehow.

If you like to visit both Suganuma and Ainokura Villages in addition to Shirakawago, you need one full day (9 hours) with your own transportation. We prepare a private car for your group to cover Shirakawago and Gokayama (Suganuma and Ainokura) for you. This tour is provided upon request.

An English-speaking guide accompanies your group. If you need a car only without a guide, we can arrange a car for you. Driver may or may not speak good English, though.

Typical itinerary from Takayama to Shirakawago and Gokayama 8 hours by car

A standard Shirakawago and Gokayama tour takes 8 hours.

Model itinerary for a Shirakawago-Gokayama tour

Itinerary is subject to change especially during the winter. Especially, Ainokura Village is inaccessible during winter time due to heavy snow.

09:00 Meet with our guide at Takayama Station or your hotel.
09:00-10:00: Takayama - Shirakawago by car
10:00-13:30: Tour in Shirakawago (stop at a view point is available only when road condition allows)
13:30-14:00: Shirakawago - Suganuma
14:00-14:30: Tour in Suganuma
14:30-15:00: Suganuma - Ainokura
15:00-15:30: Tour in Ainokura
15:30-17:00: Ainokura-Takayama Station or your hotel

Pricing of the Shirakawago and Gokayama tours by car

Prices are just rough estimates and subject to change according to admissions, meals, guides, types of cars, and season. Quotation will be prepared for each inquiry. 10% tax is included.

Size of group
Car type Estimated price
1-3 Sedan (hired taxi)
1-6 Toyota Alphard
1-9 Toyota Hiace Wagon

For 10 pax or over, a bus and an English-speaking guide are required. Please contact us for the detail.

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