Price changes

We have no tour since the end of 2020 due to CORONA Virus. So we have not updated prices since then. Due to current price rise of fuel, etc., tour prices may have changed. We will confirm every time we are contacted by customers.

Contact us at least 2 weeks before your tour

Please contact us at least 2 weeks before the scheduled date of your tour. Otherwise, it is not possible to make necessary arrangement for your tour. If you plan a trip to Japan in high seasons (December-January, late March-early April, late April-early May), please contact us at least ONE MONTH before, or preferably TWO MONTHS before the tour date. The number of cars and drivers is very limited.

Shirakawago light-up event 2022

On the days of Shirakawago light-up events, only registered cars are allowed to have access to the area on the days of events. So we are not going to offer private light-up tours in 2022 . Some bus companies offer light-up tours, but information in English may not be available. Please (see here).

FAQ about Takayama and Shirakawa-go Private Tours

If you cannot find information, please contact us from here.


Q. Do you book a restaurant for lunch?
A. Yes, we do. Please let us know your preference, resticition and budget.

Q Are there any good restaurants in Shirakawa-go?
A. I don't think so. In Shirakawa-go, only traditional light meals, such as soba noodle and some rice dishes, are available. I recommend you to take lunch in Takayama rather than Shirakawa-go.

Q. Are there any halal restaurants in Shirakawa-go and/or Takayama?
A. Yes. There are some restaurants providing halal foods. Please see this page for halal.

Q. Can I change the itinerary on the day of the tour?
A. Yes, if the change is not big. Please consult with your guide. For example, you can visit a museum instead of Wada Family House in Shirakawa-go. But you cannot go to Kanazawa instead of Shirakawa-go.

Q. Do you recommend a hired bus or train to go to a Takayama and Shirakawa-go Tour?
A. If you start from Nagoya for a day tour, I definitely recommend to go by a bus (over 10 seater) or jumbo taxi (7-10 seater). Because the public transportation takes more time and is less flexible. Regular bus service between Takayama and Shirakawa-go is available but the number of buses is scarce. If your group is small, then hired car is more expensive, though.

Q. Can we have a tour without a guide?
A. If you use a hired car (bur or jumbo taxi), then you need a person who speaks Japanese. Drivers in Japan usually do not speak any foreign language and the bus companies usually refuse booking without any Japanese speaker. If at least one of you speak Japanese, then it possible, but if not, you cannot have a tour by hired bus. Tours by public transportation are still available without Japanese speaker.


Q. What languages do your guide speak?
A. English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Portuguese from Nagoya. English only from other places.

Q. Can we choose a particular sex for our guide?
A. Yes, if there is a good reason to do so. However, please note that the majority of our tour guides are female.

Booking and Payment

Q. Can I pay by cash?
A. In principle, we ask you to pay by credit card on line. We will send you a URL, where you can pay by credit card, by e-mail.

Q. What kinds of credit cards do you accept?
A. VISA and Masters. For American Express and JCB, we charge higher transaction fees. Dinners club card is not accepted.

Q. When do I have to pay?
A. At least 30 days before the date of tour. If it's already within 30 days, then please make payment as early as possible.

Q. Why do I have to pay in advance?
A. Our tours are all private. We assign a guide solely for you or your group. If you need a hired bus or jumbo taxi, bus companies and taxi companies require the full payment at the time of the booking.


Q. Is there any penalty if I cancel the tour?
A. Yes, if there are only 30 or less days remain until the day of the tour. Please see our cancelation policy.


Q. Do you arrange accommodation for us without tour?
A. Yes we do.

Q. Is there any hotel in Shirakawa-go?
A. No. There are only some minshuku (family-owned inns) in Shirakawa-go. If you like to stay in a hotel, then stay in Takayama.

Q. Is there any onsen ryokan (inns with hot spa) available in Takayama?
A. Yes. But they are not located in the city center.

Special requirements

Q. Do you cater for a large group of 100 pax for example?
A. Yes. We recommend early booking. Please contact us from here.

Q. Do you prepare halal food?
A. Currently authentic halal food is not available in Takayama nor Shirakawa-go. Though, foods without pork/alcohol are available.

Longer tours

Q. We are planning to have a tour starting from Tokyo and finishing in Kyoto. Can you arrange such a tour?
A. Yes we do. Please contact us from here.

Takayama and Shirakawa-go Private Tours