Price changes

We have no tour since the end of 2020 due to CORONA Virus. So we have not updated prices since then. Due to current price rise of fuel, etc., tour prices may have changed. We will confirm every time we are contacted by customers.

Contact us at least 2 weeks before your tour

Please contact us at least 2 weeks before the scheduled date of your tour. Otherwise, it is not possible to make necessary arrangement for your tour. If you plan a trip to Japan in high seasons (December-January, late March-early April, late April-early May), please contact us at least ONE MONTH before, or preferably TWO MONTHS before the tour date. The number of cars and drivers is very limited.

Shirakawago light-up event 2022

On the days of Shirakawago light-up events, only registered cars are allowed to have access to the area on the days of events. So we are not going to offer private light-up tours in 2022 . Some bus companies offer light-up tours, but information in English may not be available. Please (see here).

Hotels Accommodation in and around Shirakawago

Hotels and other types of accommodations are extremely limited in Shirakawago. This is due to a rule that only the villagers can have business in Shirakawago Ogimachi village. So we cannot book an accommodation in Shirakawago.

There are some other accommodations available within walking distance from Shirakawago Ogimachi village. You may try to find some accommodations by using search box below. This is the service provided by AGODA.

Most recommended - Shiroyamakan

One of the most recommended accommodation in Ogimachi Village, Shirakawago, is Shiroyamakan. This Japanese style inn is located just in a few minutes walk from village center.

Search accommodation on map

You may find a good accommodation, if you are lucky!

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