Shirakawago light up (illumination) tour

Shirakawago Light Up

In 2018, Shirakawago light up (illumination) events will be held on 21 Jan, 28, 4 Feb, and 12 Feb.

Bus tours still not available

Bus tours are conducted by several tour operators but plans for 2018 events are yet to be announced.

Limited numbers of cars available

Only the option available now is to hire a car from Takayama, Nagoya, Kanazawa and other cities.

Takayama is the nearest city, though the availability of cars are limited because of high demand.

There are a few 4 passengers, 5 passengers, 6 passengers and 9 passengers cars available from Takayama. If you are interested in using a hired car, please contact us as soon as possible. Groups with 10 or more people should be devided into smaller groups. Buses are not allowed without prior permissions.

Price of Shirakawago light up private car tour

Price of the Shirakawago light up tour from Takayama by car (up to 5 persons) is from 55,000 yen for 6 hours. Tour from Nagoya and Kanazawa by car (up to 5 persons) is from 85,000 yen for 10 hours. These prices include a car with driver, highway toll, parking fees and 8% tax. Meals, admissions, etc. are not included.

Itinerary of Shirakawago light up tour

You leave from Takayama at 14:00. Light up event takes place 17:30-19:30, though, in this tour you leave from Shirakawago at 19:00 to avoid heavy traffic jam around Shirakawago after the event. You will arrive at Takayama (your hotel or Takayama Station) at 20:00.

If you do not return to the car by 19:00, you have to pay overtime charges of about 8,000 yen/hour.

Availability of guides

Guides are also limited on the days of light up events. The price of a guide is 30,000 yen from Takayama and 40,000 yen from other cities.

Please inquire us about the price and availability of cars from Nagoya, Kanazawa and other places.

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